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about usWhen it comes to your homepage, this needs to be where the majority of SEO focus occurs because 85% of your audience is landing there. Our search engine optimization experts can help you dominate the search engines by working on that one area along. Here is why:

The front page (home page) of your website is where your company gets to make that first impression. It’s the first place that any new targeted visitors arrive and where your regular customers often come back. You need to both types of customers.

There are a few things that are essential to your homepage and each is explained below.

Navigation is the most important part of your homepage. It doesn’t matter what else is on your site, if the visitors can’t get there. On your homepage your visitors need to be able to reach every part of your site. Your links on your navigation bars should be the same on every page. Your visitor will then know how to get back to whatever page really interested him. When users cannot find what they want they simple look at another site. Buttons look great but they take time to download and you don’t want your visitors to leave before they can see the whole page, do you? Our search engine optimization experts can help improve the navigation of your site.

Branding is another essential element for you homepage. I am sure that your small business has a logo and it’s pasted on everything you can find, to promote your business. Well, it should be posted in a predominate place on your website too. We all know that branding is words or a mark of a company (such as a logo) that shows the consumer the identity of the producer of the product/service. Our search engine optimization experts will explain to you how your logo on your homepage reminds users exactly where they are.

Content is also very important. You must remember to write your content like you are speaking to your visitor as it creates a better connection between your website and the visitor. Your homepage content must be fresh and interesting to make them want to read more of your site. You might create links to the inside of your site in the text. Also, you will want to include in layman’s terms exactly what you or your company does. Our search engine optimization experts can help with all these areas and more.