AC Repair and Maintenance Tips for First Time Home Owners

AC Repair Myrtle Beach SCBesides the price you paid to buy your home, the next closest expenditure is going to be to replace that HVAC system if it ever were to break down. This is why it is so important that you are doing everything possible as far as AC repair and maintenance to ensure that you don’t have any unnecessary repairs needed in the very near future.

Here are some of the essential HVAC maintenance tips to help to extend the overall life of the entire heating and cooling system provided by the leaders in AC repair Myrtle Beach SC over at

Do a visual inspection of the outdoor fan that is connected to the HVAC system. The unit needs to be free of all obstructions, with plenty of clearance so air can make its way into the system. Clear away any overgrown grass, bushes, branches. Turn off the power and open the casing to remove anything that could have fallen inside and is obstructing the flow of the fan.

The air handler inside the home needs to be visually checked for leaks so you are not paying for treated air to escape. Running your hands over the outer casing will alert you if any heated or cooled air is escaping. This is a quick fix, just place a piece of duct tape over the opening and the air will no longer escape.

While you are at the air handler, make certain you open the casing and remove the air filter. Once a month you must check the filters and clean them before inserting them back in, or replace them if they are too dirty to clean. According to HVAC repair experts, the visual inspection of the air filter once a month, replacing them should occur no later than every three months.

Once inside the house, take a closer look at the air vents in each room. These need to be open, and there should be nothing stuck inside that could impede the flow of treated air. The reason the vents should all be open despite if the room is used or not is because a closed vents stops the flow of air, so the handler will try to work harder to move the air along.

One last thing, call a long HVAC repair company and schedule regular maintenance checks with them.

The more effort you put in to preventing potential trouble with your HVAC system the better the unit will run and the less cash you will have to fork over in needed maintenance and repair work.