Why Digital Marketing is Fast Becoming the Key to Your Business Success

Charleston SEO

Google is the king and most popular search engine, that is the biggest reason you need to work on your website. When you optimize the website for Google you will find your overall ranking in both Yahoo and MSN jump too. You really have to agree that with Google, states our Charleston SEO friends over at onQsites.com, it is all about content being king!

Charleston SEOSo writing good copy with just the right amount of keyword phrases, for keyword density is important. And natural anchor text links is second in importance. Digital marketing will be the difference in you sinking or sailing to the promised land.

Third in line are keyword phrases (notice I said phrase because single keywords are almost impossible to optimize for), which need to be researched to find the right phrase for you and not used to often in the content/text to get the right density. Used to often and you’ll hurt your ranking.

Fourth in line are the Meta Description Tag which when used properly can actually bring visitors to your website who wouldn’t normally come there. Of course there are several other factors involved with getting that elusive number one spot.

People, even SEO companies, don’t either know the importance of the domain name to Google or take the time to chose the proper name for the website. Most just use their company name or what they consider a unique name for their websites. Now, unless your company is well known or at least well known in its field, using a basically unknown company name is pointless.

The entire reason for optimization of your website is to get visitors from search engines, so why not use all the tools available to get the best ranking possible for your website.

You have the keyword phrase that you know will work. But before you jump online and get that domain name there are a couple of things you may still need to do.

Let’s say that you are currently the owner of Jeff’s Bike Shop and you specialize in New Jersey Mountain Bikes. You figure to kill a couple birds at once and use the domain name JeffsNewJerseyMountainBikes.com to keep your name in it and using the keyword phrase. This might make sense but not to Google.

So now you’ve got JeffsNewJerseyMountainBikes.com, but you should use New Jersey Mountain Bikes.com instead. Why? Google sees this as three different words. When people are do a search, they are going to use New Jersey Mountain Bikes. Your unique domain name becomes a keyword phrase used by Google.